Friday, December 20, 2013


Excuse the poor picture quality. My scanner is packed deep in a 20' trailer.

All below have linked reference photos.

I like beautiful things, and delving deep in the blogosphere guarantees an onslaught of eye candy. Blogs and websites without appealing photos don't do well - especially food websites. Consider SLIM PALATE. The kid's photos and recipes are great, but his writing is terrible (granted, he is a teenager). Shouldn't a blog that has horrible text not get much attention? No, because we're a VISUAL SPECIES. There's plenty of data to support this and that VIDEO TRUMPS STAGNANT PHOTOS for audience engagement and attention. In fact, if I really wanted people to come to my blog I should post videos of me painting like MAJA WRONSKA and AGNES CECILE (I recommend muting sound while watching this one. Weird C-movie soundtrack music).

This all makes me think that people are actually more interested in the process of creative work than the creation itself. We marvel at the ability and secretly wonder if we could do the same. This is why Pinterest is so popular and why everyone is obsessed with DIY. You don't need a skilled artisan anymore. You can create ALL THE THINGS! This is also why PINSTROSITY is so pathetically funny.

So it's kind of horrendous and self-defeating that I'm even putting such horrible picture quality on here.


Sharon Montrose REFERENCE


Sharon Montrose REFERENCE

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