Saturday, November 16, 2013


Weekend Edition

My travels through the southwest have sent me to a lot of cool places since 2010, although I wouldn't consider Coastal California a part of the southwest (my husband Nick does, but I imagine San Diego is too burnt-out surfer to hang with cowboys and Indians). Eastern California, however, definitely qualifies.

Barbeque, tacos, rolling green hills, cold rivers, huge oak trees, and lots of sunny people. Also, the No. 1 Volleyball program in the Nation (Hook 'Em).
Austin, TX

If New Mexico was the answer to a personality test it would mean "loner" and "prickly." Its soundtrack is IMPOSSIBLE SOUL by Sufjan Stevens. It is my favorite place to be.
Shiprock, Navajo Nation

I have a love-hate relationship with this state. It has redeeming qualities, like Flagstaff and Tucson, but it's too difficult to see past the brutal nine months of summer because I can't really enjoy the winter reprieve because I dread: "Oh God it's only three months of this till it heats up again," and when it's actually summer all I can think of is how I need to get away from the heat, but that takes a lot of energy and it's so freaking hot so then I break down like an overheated iPhone: completely useless.
Phoenix, AZ

 An Arizonan's way to escape (seriously).
San Diego, CA + San Francisco, CA

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