Wednesday, November 20, 2013


One of my best friends through middle and high school introduced me to Frida Khalo. It wasn't until college that I actually considered her an artist I could enjoy for myself because her work had, in my mind, somehow belonged to the girl I rolled with. This is similar to the phenomena of teenagers trying to own bands and music to their persona; this is especially true for kids growing up in a place like Austin, TX, where your playlist becomes identity. If there's one truth to glean from Khalo's work, it's that identity can be tortuous. Identify is about self, and it separates the we from the they. Recently, several amazing ladies and I discussed identity as a side effect of pride, and how, when you set aside the importance of your identity, you are able to make peace. I liked the conversation simply because my world has seemed quite loud and busy recently, so I enjoy things that re-center my life and allow focus into the hustle and bustle. Painting helps, too.

Hope you enjoy.

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